We are a company located at Bogota city in Colombia; we count with fifteen year of experience in the specialized logistic sector our service portfolio are based on the management of international courier, packing, freight transportation and custom services, developing an integral service that coverage all the process of the logistic chain.

Our principal objective is be an strategic partner for the international logistic companies, attending their necessaries guaranteed efficnete delivery times and a premium last mile service.


SUMA CORP S.A.S is an strategic and profitable company focused on satisfied the whole logistic necessaries under the international courier modality packing, express deliver and freight transportation offering a high quality service, advisory, normative, tracking, coverage and commitment enhancing your business and new opportunities in the market that guaranteed the best experience until the last mile.


For the 2025 year be the company with more volume of express delivery, international courier, packing and freight transportation around the world, highly competitive, in technology and innovation that enhance new business opportunities and operational efficiency, dynamic, safe and reliable in Colombia.

Sumacorp Policy

Present an excellent quality level in the in the offered services for SUMACORP guaranteeing the achieving of the stablished legal mark for the management of express packing and freight cargo transportations with the objective to achieve the consumer satisfaction and the commitment of a continuous improvement, building stronger business relations insured for the accorded compliance and the great experience of the final client

With SUMA CORP enhance your business in Colombia!

SUMA CORP as your strategic partner in COLOMBIA

SumaCorp provide an efficient service of international courier developing the collection with high standards of quality and the shortest delivery times of the market, with national and hard access coverage guaranteed high levels of client satisfactions increasing value for your business.

SumaCorp is enabled for develop the service of international courier in Colombia by the license provided for the ministry of information technologies and communication and for offer the freight transportation service in all the national land by license of the ministry of transport of Colombia.

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