Efficient management of posts, packing and boxes that arrive to the country under this modality, developing the following process:

Reception: all the merchandise custom process at the international airport El Dorado in Bogóta city.

Consolidation: handing process with security high quality standards, classification, registration and unit guide generation for the packing.

Distribution of posts and packages in record times with national coverage and hard access locations.

International Courier Characterizes


Is denominated international courier to the posts and packages that arrive to the national land for airway, with maximum weight of 50 kilograms for box and the following key aspects:

Valor Declarado

The merchandise valuation does not be superior to the USD 2.000.

Peso Maximo

The maximum weight for box is until 50 kilogram or 110 pounds.

Medidas Caja

The box dimensions should not exceed the 1500 centimeters for each one of its sides.


Is admitted until 6 units for reference of a the same product.

Delivery Schedule

After of received the merchandise at the international airport El Dorado are estimate the following delivery times:

Local – Bogota.
Between 3 and 5 days of work.

National level: capital cities and municipalities
Between 6 and 7 days of work.

Hard access; far municipalities and villages.
Between 10 and 12 days of work.

Competitive Advantages

  • Real time tracking through the SUMA CORP web site from the moment that the package goes in origin until the moment its delivery in the last mile.
  • Specialized personal in the logistic, management and service area using the last technologies in the market.
  • We provide specialized regulatory advice for yout logistics operation in Colombia.
  • Fifteen years of experience in the specialized logistic sector of biologics and medical transportation.
  • Legal and normative advice for improve tour business in Colombia.
  • Personalized attention the 24 d hours of the day during the 7 days of the week.
  • International courier license granted by the ministry of technologies information and communications of Colombia.
  • National coverage with presence at 1103 municipalities.

With SUMA CORP enhance your business in Colombia!

SUMA CORP as your strategic partner in COLOMBIA

SumaCorp provide an efficient service of international courier developing the collection with high standards of quality and the shortest delivery times of the market, with national and hard access coverage guaranteed high levels of client satisfactions increasing value for your business.

SumaCorp is enabled for develop the service of international courier in Colombia by the license provided for the ministry of information technologies and communication and for offer the freight transportation service in all the national land by license of the ministry of transport of Colombia.

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